No 1? we feel that way at this time of year..

Saying your the best at what you do can be somewhat arrogant and self indulgent.. but at this time of year I take great pride in knowing that during this period of the year we as a team are awesome..providing an excellent service over a very large event arena.. Looking after the fringe 2017 has […]

200 Kva Generators

The newest edition to the Boltz fleet are 2 x 200 Kva generators.  Not exactly new but lovingly repaired and serviced to provide that Boltz reliability. 2 x 200 Kva FG Wilson sets will compliment our fleet to be able to provide stage power for concerts and larger event projects.  

Adelaide festival

Its been a while since we built a Festival Venue, and so the New Palais and Opening night concert is a nice return to the AF fold. We are excited to be involved in this project which starts in earnest for us next week. The site and concept looks amazing.. cant wait to dive in.. […]

Fringe Madness

Well  the Fringe season is truly underway.. with Boltz looking after the Garden of Unearthly delights, Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe, club and parade and finally the RCC its been a wild February. Thanks to all of the team, especially Darren and Neil, Celwyn, Ruben and Michael and our wonderful ring ins, Harry, Matty, Serge ( the […]

Our Team..

Our Team is even stronger again.. with 2016 seeing  Jack Reardon become a Tradesman and off running his own business. The team is made up of Celwyn Cook (a soon to be tradesman)  Apprentices Michael Bridgeman and Rubin Adams. Rubin Joins us once again after a 2 year sojourn. The  Team  is  headed by Stephen Martin, […]


Well 2017 has arrived and its soon to be busy with the Fringe and Festival whipping up a Arts storm. 2016 was a great year with the generator hire side of the business growing all the time. As more people in the Arts, Music and events industry finding out about our great service, affordable prices […]

Darwin season continues

Well its been a long season in Darwin, with events such as the V8’s and Bass in the Grass, and now Darwin festival approaching.. Thanks to Darren once again as well as the Boys back home for helping to keep things on track. Darwin festival opens in a weeks time and then a couple of […]

Jack Reardon apprenticeship completed

We at the Boltz team would like to congratulate Jack Reardon on completing his apprenticeship. Jack finished his apprenticeship on 1st April and now is taking a well earned break. Jack will continue to be involved with Boltz as part of the team but in a casual position. We have enjoyed working with Jack and […]

Rolling on..

Well the year keeps rolling on with Boltz taking on “Groovin the Moo” at Oakbank and “Tasting Australia” in Victoria Square. Both New events to Boltz, we looking forward to providing the same quality service that we do to all our events. Its exciting to be able to pick up two new clients so late […]

What a Summer !!

With the new year kicking off with Adelaide City Council  New year celebrations we rolled into Schutzenfest, then Laneways,  Generators for staging connections and Telstra for Tour Down under, Adelaide Fringe, Garden of unearthly delights, Royal Crochet and Gluttony.. and you will see why it was like was like a run away train at full […]